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Salix Pod Players Junior Cricket Bat

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Salix Grade One Junior Cricket Bat - Handmade by the Masters

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Salix Pod Players Junior Cricket Bat

The archetypal handmade English bat with an indulgently large profile, pitch perfect balance and stunning performance. The work of Salix artisan hand making and individual treatment at every stage from cleft to bat. Traditional faced yet still bowed with a long, deep, mid driving area and impossibly thick edges, the Pod is full backed giving both depth and mass through the bat’s core. The result is the greatest and most rewarding playing surface, with lightest pick up and superb manoeuvrability. Every angle is precisely shaped and smoothed through our unique sanding so the bat undulates in form - more sculpture than carpentry. The Pod is performance in its highest state.

- traditional (rounder) face profile
- standard shoulder line
- full backed
- substantial edges
- deep, long bow
- mid to low driving area
- unique Salix CRC oval handle
- for skilled batsmen front and back foot
- new chrome bladed labels with metallic blue embossed SALIX
- highest level of English artisan batmaking: individually handmade by Salix
- CNC free: individual in-house pressing and processing from cleft to bat
- Bat Vax toe dipped: especially developed natural, plant based sealer to help prevent water ingress, sealing end grain to protect against cracks
- trademark Salix angled toe and blended edges to minimise tapping and running in damage, in conjunction with the player’s care and maintenance regime

Salix Willow Grading:

Finite grades will be the best pieces of wood we have in the workshop i.e. tight grain, predominantly sap wood (the whiter looking timber), no blemishes and exceptional performance. These rare grades can only be obtained through investment in lower grades (ratios) and the most expert handling in pre-pressing processes

Players grades will be either tighter grain (8 plus grains) or predominantly sap wood and the performance of the bat will be exceptional.

Generally around 7plus grains with the odd blemish higher up in the blade; still predominantly sap wood.

Performance grades generally again have around 6 to 7 grains but may have the odd blemish around the driving area and will probably have some heartwood on one of the edges.

Select grades will generally have around 5 to 6 grains, some heartwood, with the odd blemish or twig mark in the driving area.

Alba grades are very much a grade 3, this grade will generally have 5 grains, mainly sap wood blemishes or twig marks on the face and heartwood on either edge.

Often downgraded bats due various factors, such as unsightly knots etc. Will still perform well

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