Posted on: 24 July 2017

All you really need to begin with is a set of darts and a dartboard. Get everything roughly measured out, and start throwing. Don’t expect to start knocking in the 180s straight away, that kind of precision takes a lot of practice.

Work on your ‘style’ – this is made up of how you stand when you throw, how you hold your darts and your throwing action. These three aspects of your game are key. Watch the club players and the professionals to see how they do it.

Try out different stances and grips and see which you find the most comfortable. And make sure your arm follows the same arc each time you throw – that’ll help your darts fly more consistently – and that’s how you will improve.

Don’t worry if all your darts are landing in the 1 – actually that’s a good thing, as it only takes a small adjustment to get into the higher scores.

What darts should I buy?

Choosing the right darts can take time. There are lots of different types of dart – some wider than others, some longer, heavier, smoother etc. It all comes down to personal choice and the best thing to do at the start is to experiment with different shafts, barrels and flights. You may not get that emphatic lightbulb moment, but you’ll know what feels right and your darts will be flying straight and true.

TOP TIP: although it’s certainly true that a shorter tip flies straighter, most players prefer longer ones as it frees up space in the treble bed.

Everybody is different, and you’ll never see two styles the same, but stick with it and have confidence in your choice. Once you’re a bit more settled, then you can think about upgrading to a better set, maybe even treat yourself to a loud Hawaiian style shirt.

Did you know?

There is a dress code for professional darts players. All players must wear black trousers and shoes. Shirts may be any colour but not carry anything that may be deemed offensive.

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