Machine pressed to give us the shape to work with. Hand hammered on the toe and edges to strengthen and withstand miss timed shorts (which even the best players do). Oiled so your bat doesn’t dry out and become brittle. And finally antiscuffed and taped for a neat and tidy finish.

Your cricket bat will now be ready for use. £35 for bats purchased at Romida, £50 for bats purchased elsewhere

Let Romida Knock in your bat professionally. Our Service Includes :

A) Pressing Of Bats Edges B) Hand Knocking In C) Oiling, Toe Guarding, Antiscuff on face and Fibre Tape on Edges.


Customers, please remember that your cricket bat MUST be “serviced” between seasons! Very much like cars, they require servicing EVERY year. This will prevent your bat from drying out and becoming more likely to split and break.

Or get us to service your bat for £40 (for all sizes)

Our Service Includes :

Remove the old antiscuff or fibreglass tape from the face of the bat.

Remove excess glue from old antiscuff or fibreglass face.

Repair and set any damage to the bat.

Sand and minimise any surface cracks.

Light sand to give a smooth finish to the bat.


Then tape and antiscuff the bat.