Safety First

The standards for cricket helmets are changing. Cricket and safety authorities are concerned about facial injuries caused by the ball squeezing between the peak of the helmet and the visor. This has led to a change in the British Standards for helmets.

Following several high-profile cases in which batsmen have suffered injuries after being struck on the helmet, the change focused on four specific points of contention.

1) The ball penetrating the gap between the faceguard and the peak. 2) The ball impact forcing the faceguard onto the face and temple. 3) Batsmen being struck on the back of the helmet and occipital area. 4) The proximity of the grille to the temple.

This has all led to the redesign of helmets, including the iconic Masuri range. The addition of a second bar to the visor is a new look and works very well.

All helmets stocked by Romida Sports comply with the current safety standards and are approved. As new standards are brought in, we will make sure that our customers are kept informed. Your safety is our priority.