Posted on: 6 March 2018

The right flights for you must match your particular darts, producing enough aerodynamic lift to stabilise them in-flight but not so much as to throw them off-course. Of course, you can use trial and error to find the best flights for you, but hopefully this will help.

Heavier materials (100 micron and ablove) provide slightly less stability but improved durability. There are no hard-and-fast rules on flights matching, but as a hint to using the table, if your darts are landing in the board at varying angles, try a higher stability flight, if they’re landing true, a smaller, lower lift flight may improve accuracy, land flatter, and reduce bed-blocking.

Unicorn Flight Shapes:

Plus: This is the original, classic shape which is now the general standard flight across the world. It’s suitable for all types of players and any shaft combination.

Big Wing: This is 13% bigger than the Plus flight. It’s the choice of many pro players like Gary Anderson. It gives extra lift and is very useful if you drop a bit low.

Big Wing XL: This is 6% bigger than the Big Wing. It gives maximum lift.

Xtra: For accurate players. The reduced size allows closer groupings.

Slim: This is primarily for lightweight darts, especially soft tip ones.

DXM: This is the smallest, slimmest Unicorn flight and was used by Phil Taylor during his Unicorn years. These flights allow for very close grouping and unparalleled vision.

Fin: For improving players – allows better grouping

Shield: Reduces instability in-flight,

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