Kookaburra Ghost 1.1 Junior Cricket Bat (2024)


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Superb low middle Kookaburra bat – Very Good Grade

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Full Description

Kookaburra Ghost 1.1 Junior Bat

• Premium Grade y1 Unbleached English Willow
• Sizes – SA, H & 6

Kookaburra Willow Grading

In the production of their Cricket Bats Kookaburra use willow sourced in the UK from the World’s leading growers – in combination with their definitions & experience the qualities of willow that you can expect to receive are as follows.

• Jos Buttler Replica Grade – these bats are made from the same grade of willow which is used for Jos’ own bats & as such they are graded wholly on performance not appearance. If you are looking for a bat which has the potential to perform as well as those used by Jos, then these are the ones for you

• Pro Grade – these bats will be the best-looking blades in our range. In our production process, these bats have been identified as being those that will perform better than others of the same appearance. There will be at least 6 fairly straight grains visible on the face but there also may be some red wood on the edge. The playing area should be clean but there may be a small knots or specks in the edge or back of the bat.

• 1.1 Grade – visually very similar to the ‘Pro’ but there will usually be more red wood visible & potentially the odd blemish or butterfly in the grain on the face of the blade; however, this will not impact on the performance of the bat.

• 2.1 Grade – these bats will have around 5 grains on the face with potentially more red wood than the 1.1. The grains will not necessarily be straight & there will be some specks or butterfly marks on the grains on the face of the bat; however, they represent excellent value for money & are ideally suited to the Club player.

• 3.1 Grade – there will be typically 4 grains with a greater proportion of red wood, more blemishes & marks on the face – again these bats offer excellent performance & represent good value.

• 4.1 Grade – the grain structure will be similar to the ‘Players’ with potentially 4 grains visible on the face; however, there will be more stain in the wood making these bats less attractive visually but again performance will not be impacted.

Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Bat Size

Harrow, Size 6, Sml Adult


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Weight 45 kg
Bat Size

Harrow, Size 6, Sml Adult