We are pleased to announce that the brand Extra Cover Cricket is now part of the Romida family. ECC has been a recognised supplier of quality cricket goods since its foundation in 2010.

Like Romida, ECC has always provided the service that professionals expect, to all levels of cricketer and to suit all budgets - supplying major and niche brands and providing a customisation service, in a bricks and mortar shop.

Romida Sports was originally formed in 1978 as a family business and was given a new lease of life in 2012 when Extra Cover's Andy Woodard took ownership and management.

Joining forces with ECC is another milestone in the history of the business. At Romida we pride ourselves in having the best range of cricket products with outstanding customer service. This merge is the ideal addition to our brand.

"Romida has made some great advances over the last couple of years and we now feel it's time for Extra Cover Cricket's loyal customers to feel the benefits of the improvements we've made." Andy Woodard

Romida Cricket store

Note for existing Extra Cover Cricket customers: we have transferred your account across to Romida, except the password in the interests of Data Protection and to provide the safest possible transition. The Romida/ECC website holds no bank or card information.

We would ask that you reset your password either on the My Account page or using this link: https://www.romida.co.uk/customer/account/forgotpassword/

If you have any queries about the merger or the account transfer, please contact us on 01706 882444.