At Romida we are the experts on cricket equipment - we buy and sell more than any other cricket specialist in the UK. So we are in a great position to say what we think about each product we sell.

To this end, we have introduced the Romida Protection Rating. It's a 1 to 5 rating and should help you understand why some equipment is much more expensive than others. It should also help you compare items of similar price to see how we perceive the protection level to be.

The levels are:

LEVEL 5: Test match standard. This is the very best and will be the same as the pros wear. This level of premium equipment offers the highest level of protection and comfort.

LEVEL 4: Pro standard. This will be of a very hign standard and many county pros will use this. The protection will be similar to Level 5 but might not be quite as comfortable.

LEVEL 3: County standard. This is a intermediate standard. It will have some of the same features as the higher levels but will be made from cheaper materials.

LEVEL 2: Club standard. This is really an entry level for decent junior or low adult cricket. This level is generally not nearly as protective as level 3 and will be much less comfortable to wear.

LEVEL 1: Junior Club standard. This is an entry level for junior cricket. It offers excellent value for money but should only be used for low speed cricket.

At Romida, we take your comfort and safety very seriously - if you have any questions regarding the Protection Rating or need any advice as to what products are appropriate for you, please ask. We are happy to help.

Romida Protection Rating