Kookaburra Ghost 1.1 Junior Cricket Bat (2023)

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Kookaburra Junior Cricket Bat – English Willow Superb Mid Level Bat – Ideal for club standard hard ball cricket

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Full Description

Kookaburra Ghost 1.1 Junior Cricket Bat

Traditional Styling and clean classical graphics make the Ghost a favourite amongst classical stroke-players. A favourite every year! Endorsed by Marnus Labuschagne & Adil Rashid.

• Sweet Spot: Mid
• Edge Profile: Round
• Face Profile: Rounded
• Scallop: Approx. 1mm to 2mm
• Handle: Oval

Additional Features
• Players Grip
• ‘Kookaburra Pre – Prepared’ (KKP)
• ‘Air Dried

• Premium Grade y1 Unbleached English Willow
• Sizes – H & 6


Kookaburra Willow Grading

Kookaburra bats vary greatly in price and it’s obvious that more expensive bats will perform better than a cheaper one. Kookaburra evaluate each bat throughout the manufacturing process on the basis of how it plays or “pings” so you know what to expect from the particular grade you choose.

Most bats will have a combination of white and red wood. White wood is the more attractive part of the cleft of wood and is more responsive than the red wood. The red wood though is more durable than the white part.

Grade One: The most expensive willow and usually the most attractive blades. There may be some red wood evident on the blade and generally there will be at least 6 fairly straight grains. There may be a small knot or speck on the edge or back of the bat but the playing area should be clean.

Grade Two: Excellent quality but usually more red wood may be visible on the bat. This won’t affect the playability of the bat. Similar number of grains as a grade 1 with potentially the odd blemish or butterfly mark on the face.

Grade Three: The most extensively used grade – and certainly the most popular at Romida as it offers outstanding value for money. A grade 3 blade may have up to half the face with a tint or red wood colour but this won’t affect the playability. This grade will have about five grains on the face which might not be straight and there is likely to be some specks or butterfly marks on the face.

Grade Four: Usually over half the blade will have red wood but the playability will be good. There are often only 4 grains and will have butterfly marks and specks on the bat.

Grade Five: This is very similar to a grade 4 but will have more stain in the wood so cosmetically will not be as good.

Additional information

Weight 45 kg

Bat Size

Harrow, Size 6

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Weight 45 kg

Bat Size

Harrow, Size 6